Man Hears Strange Noise Coming From Pipe, Then Realizes Kitten Is Stuck Inside

Cats have a special way of getting themselves into all kinds of binds. It’s a good thing they have nine lives – they sure go through them!

Take, for example, this precious little kitten. Somehow she managed to get herself stuck at the bottom of a gutter pipe and she had no way to escape.

Thankfully a man walking by heard the tiny kitten and realized something was wrong. He knew he couldn’t just walk away and do nothing, so he grabbed some shears and got to work on the pipe.

You can tell the kitten is very frightened as she fights to get out of the pipe, but as soon as he cuts the hole wide enough and she squeezes out she knows she is safe.

Hopefully this sweet kitten will learn from her mistakes and not get into a scrape like this again, but at least we know that if she does she has a protector at the ready!

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