Make your own Range Top Cleaner


I have a range top stove and cleaning it is difficult. I know you have to be careful on what kind of cleaners you put on it, so I try to make sure what I use is safe. But the store type of cleaner does not seem to do the trick on getting it good and cleaned. I wanted a natural way to clean it anyways so it is safe for the family, so I looked online for some ideas to help me accomplish this. I found a non-toxic range top formula involving baking soda, dishwashing liquid and vinegar. These are all items that I already have at home and on hand, so I can use it anytime that I need to. That makes it so much easier to keep my rang top clean. So I tried it out and was surprised at how well it worked. It really did clean the grime off the stove top really well. I was impressed by this so this is my new cleaner for the stove top.