How To Create Stunning Shattered Glass Nails


Have you seen these nails before? They are new to me and oh so pretty. (But it’s no surprise that I haven’t seen them. I don’t get out enough!) I love fun nail tutorials and this one from CreativeNailArt is about as fun as they come. The finished result looks like shattered glass. Love love love. You are going to adore this DIY nail art.

The secret to these nails? Iridescent tissue paper. Yes, that’s right! How fun and simple is that? You need a white base coat, a sponge, different colored polish (pink, blue, purple, blue), a top coat, and tissue paper. Liquid latex will come in handy too. It makes clean up super easy. This one looks a little time consuming but super cool.

Buzzfeed has an awesome roundup with more fun pics on this hot new trend. I like the cute little shattered glass big toe.