Magical Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Kid’s Bedroom Feel Like A Fairytale


Children see magic because they look for it. I bet it would be a lot easier for them to find if they had one of these magical rooms! They are the perfect places to play, experiment, get messy, and dream about being a grownup someday. It is so important for kids to be kids and these 20 rooms, features at Cool Ideas, help with that and will let their imaginations grow.

A ‘magical’ room doesn’t have to mean a complete remodel. Don’t panic if you can’t bash in the walls and build an indoor treehouse! I love the forest, cave, and secret garden but there are littler things to do too. The floating rose from Beauty And The Beast or the talking door knob from Alice In Wonderland are wonderful ideas. I love the butterflies, clouds, birds, canopies…all of it really! My babies, please never grow up…

DIY Network shows how to build your own treehouse. These ones are for outside but your kids will love them just as much!