Hair-Raising Lawn Ornament Ideas for Halloween


Every year Halloween lawn decorations become more and more popular. Here’s how you can create a fantastic Halloween lawn scape that will impress your entire neighborhood.


Turn your lawn into a creepy graveyard using recycled materials from home. Use old boxes, plywood or styrofoam to create tombstones. If you are using cardboard boxes, flatten them out first. Draw or paint tombstone shapes on the flat boxes or styrofoam. Make sure the shape of each stone is different, and use scissors to cut out the shapes. Tape a plastic or wooden stake to the back of the tombstone to secure it in the ground. If you use real wood, you can create tombstones that can be used from one year to the next. Thin wood tends to work better than thick wood. Add some fake moss to the stones to make them look more realistic. Place the stones in one area on your lawn and then scatter leaves around them.

Scary Trees

Create scary faces for the trees in your yard using baking clay. Purchase oven-baked clay from your local craft store. If possible, buy clay that is already colored. Mold the clay to create eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth for your tree faces. Carve the finer details with a butter knife and toothpicks. Bake the clay in the oven. Use two-sided tape to secure the parts to the tree. You can also cover the parts with glaze to protect them from the elements and allow them to last longer.

Creepy Coffin

Create a life-sized coffin for your lawnscape. Hide a fake body inside to scare visitors. Purchase two 4 feet by 8 feet foam black boards. Use a pencil to draw out the parts of your coffin shape on the boards. If you need help with the design, check Google for a stencil. Use duct tape to join the pieces of your coffin together. Paint your coffin using black spray paint and allow it enough time to dry, or simply cover it with a black sheet or black cloth. Use a mask and old clothes to create a fake corpse to place inside your coffin. Stuff the clothing with newspapers and attach the mask to the top for a head. Or, pace a skeleton in the coffin.

Giant Spiders

Turn black garbage bags into large spiders for your scene. Stuff one bag with old newspaper or leaves. Secure the stuffing with string. This will be the body. Fill a second bag with stuffing to create one of the legs, creating an elongated shape. Tape the excess plastic to secure it in place. Continue until you have eight legs. Use duct tape to secure the legs to the body. Hang cobwebs from the branches of your trees and your shrubs. You can purchase them at your local dollar store. Attach one of your plastic bag spiders to the web.