If You Have Slow Home Wi-Fi These 10 Tips Will Help You Speed It Up


Wi-Fi can be the most important reasons for using a computer. It can also be the most frustrating part. If you suffer from Wi-Fi issues such as: bad reception, slower than a turtle speeds or anything else, an article on LIfeHacker can help you speed up the Wi-Fi at your house.
If you use a router, you probably have it hidden because, lets face it, it’s not the prettiest gadget to look at. But, this could be slowing you down, keep it out in the open and you’ll get a better recption. If your neighbors have Wi-Fi, their signal may be interfering with yours. LifeHacker has a fix for that interference problem. Other homes Wi-Fi may not be the only thing causing interference in your signal. Keep all other appliances such as: microwaves, or cordless phone (if you have one) away from your router. There are a few do it yourself hacks that can help extend the range of your Wi-Fi including, an old beer can. Yes, you read that correctly, an old beer can. Another problem Wi-Fi devices have is the need to reset. Just like us, we need a recharge, so does your Wi-Fi. Set it to automatically re-boot everyday and see if that helps your speed, if it does that’s great.