17 Things That Will Make You Feel More Uncomfortable Than You Probably Should


Like many others, I can be very squeamish at times. That gristly bite of chicken is enough to make me quit eating chicken for 3 months. The smell of fish can make me vomit in a second. The sound of hearing somebody vomit will most likely lead to me vominiting. Yes, I guess I could say, I’m squeamish. I came across an article on Diply that will ask the question, can you handle looking at this? I thought I could but, I felt pretty uncomfortable afterward.
Labeling things out of order, come on now. A package of hotdogs not lining up is enough to make somebody with OCD go absolutely bonkers. A toothbrush in a package, is missing bristles, how is that possible? An awkard taste preferance, will make my stomach flip around time and time again. Somethings being gramatically incorrect will make me pull out my grammar police faster than you can say no. These uncomfortable occurences are not for the simple minded. They could kick your anxiety and OCD into high gear. You have been warned.