How to Make a Mason Jar Halloween Lantern

2My Halloween decorating tastes are officially all over the map. I love to collect vintage paper Halloween decorations, but I also love the simple, rustic look of a mint green heirloom pumpkin. These differing tastes can be see all throughout our house and I love it.

Leaning more toward the rustic end of my decorating style theme, I wanted to transform smooth-sided mason jars into simple lanterns that could be used inside my house with the help of battery-powered votive candles. You can find these smooth jars at most major craft stores or head to your recycling bin and look for a possibility there.

The almost-translucent center of these Halloween lanterns is created by using Mod Podge Sheer Colors. While the product looks thick and milky when applied, it dries into a candy sucker-like finish that gives off a subtle orange glow to help illuminate Halloween night.


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3Step 1

Start out by using your craft punch to punch out a Con-Tact Paper circle. I used an extra-large circle punch this project. Remove the paper backing from the film and apply to the front of your jar. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles or bumps so that the Con-Tact Paper is flat on the jar.


Step 2

Next, turn the jar upside down and apply your spray paint. Depending on the shade you want for the jar, let the first coat dry and apply a second coat. Once the paint is no longer tacky to the touch, remove the Con-Tact Paper circle from the jar. Let dry.


Step 3

When the spray paint has dried completely on the jar, it’s time to add the Mod Podge. Add a liberal amount of the medium into the jar. Turn the jar in circles to make sure the circle opening is covered by the medium. Once adequately covered, turn the jar over to drip dry. I placed my jar on top of scrap paper to catch the excess Mod Podge. Once you see the Mod Podge is no longer dripping and has covered the circle, let it dry for up to 24 hours.


Step 4

You’ll know the medium has set when the finish is no longer milky, hard to the touch and appears almost translucent.


Step 5

Add jute twine to the lantern for additional Halloween color and rustic character.


Step 6

Your lantern is ready to display! Turn on a battery-operated votive candle and place inside th.