How To Make The Perfect Zebra Pattern Cake


Healthy eating…boo! The only way I’m eating healthy is if I write “healthy” on top of a cake with frosting. That’s true for my life today. I am in need of cake/sugar/donut/candy. Those days hit me every once in a while and when that happens I’m glad that cakes like this pink zebra one exist. It make me happy just looking at it.

If you make this cake your guest will never be able to stop raving about it. It’s just that spectacular. I love baking! Sure, making chicken cacciatore is great but everyone can do it. A cake like this is truly terrific. It’s a little time consuming because you have to layer the colored batter but the end results are lovely. This technique reminds me or marbled nails.

Love the zebra? You will adore the cheetah! It’s the fastest mammal on earth and I think it’s fitting that this cake will be the fasted to be devoured. It would be at my house anyway. Lol.