DIY Stunning Outdoor Water Wall



Relaxing and enjoying the beauty of my backyard is one of my favorite leisure time during the spring and summer. So I am always on the look out for new and creative ideas to decorate my garden. Since summer is coming, I am thinking to add a water features in my garden. I’ve stumbled upon a couple of stunning water wall photos on the internet and really loved them. They are certainly great ways to boost the entire beauty of our backyard. I can imagine that my kids would be thrilled to have the water splash under the water wall fountain.

I guess it can easily cost a few hundred bucks to buy such a water wall or have one installed by a contractor. But thanks to the creativity and efforts of the DIY enthusiasts, there’s always a DIY way to make something. In her blog The Interior Frugalista, Marie showed us detailed instructions on how to build a patio water wall. It was an easy DIY project that you can finish over the weekend. If you are looking for DIY ideas to decorate your garden or backyard with a water wall, please head over to The Interior Frugalista for more details. Thanks Marie for the wonderful work! Here’s the link…

The Interior Frugalista – DIY Patio Water Wall

image credit: DIY NetworkThe Interior Frugalista

You may also watch a helpful video tutorial from YouTube on how to build a glass waterfall wall. Here’s the link…

YouTube – Glass waterfall build tutorial

There are many other creative and easy ways to add water features to your garden. For example, you can recycle an old tire and turn it into a mini garden pond.


Click here for DIY Mini Pond from Old Tire

If you love the idea of a water feature in your yard, but are concerned about not having enough space, a water garden in a container might be a good solution for you. This mini garden pond not only adds beauty and value to your yard, but it is also very easy to set up.


Click here for DIY Mini Garden Pond in a Container