Life hacks you’ll wish you had discovered much earlier


I am obsessed with life hacks. I don’t know how I made it through life with out them, to tell the truth! It seems that I am constantly finding out that the way I do things is way harder than it has to be! Like I have never figured out how to do things the easy way on my own! Thankfully the smart folks who do figure out the better ways are generous and share their wisdom on the Internet! I am a fan of benefitting from other people’s smarts! I am one of those that will carry all the bags all at once even if I can’t feel my arms afterwards. I refuse to make two trips if I don’t have to. Now I know that someone smarter than me figured out that keeping a laundry basket in the trunk really helps carry it all in at once! Conserve dishwashing detergent by watering it down and dispensing it with a spray bottle! No waste this way! Have you ever stood up too fast and got that head rush? Gotten dizzy and unsteady, even? Next time that happens, tighten your abs at hard as you can. You’ll feel normal again fast. If you struggle to get onions sliced as thinly as you’d like, start using a potato peeler. Much easier to manipulate than a knife! Need kindling and don’t feel like walking all over the years to find some? Look in your pantry! A few Doritos can do the job! One of my favorite newly discovered life hacks is to waterproof your shoes with some beeswax! So easy!