Clever Inventions You Shouldn’t Live Without


I love gadgets, my kitchen is full of them. At times my kitchen looks like a TV infomercial. The greatest thing about all my gadgets is that they create a shortcut to whatever I am attempting to do. Need french fries? There is a gadget for that. Counter top fryer? Also a gadget. It just makes life that much easier. Gadgets go beyond the kitchen too. There is so much fun stuff out there! Here are some more brilliant gadget/inventions to make your life easier.

These really go from cheesy “as seen on TV” type items, like the led powered slippers, to beautiful, functional, architectural uses like a wheelchair accessible set of stairs. In between you will find a one handed zipper. (Why didn’t anyone think of this before?) A see through highlighter that allows you to see exactly what you are highlighting. Amazing!! (Have I mentioned I have a bit of an office supply fetish?) I don’t know where to find all these items but I will be sure to look into it further. Here are some more useful inventions worth checking out.