How To Get Crafty With Pennies


A penny saved really is a DIYers dream come true and this roundup from Just DIY proves it. All 19 of these crafts make perfect ‘cents’ to me. (Oh my! There are just so many penny puns. Lol!)

Pennies are so fun. Grab your change jar and get ready to have a blast. You can go for something big and elaborate, like the penny horse head wall art or kitchen counter. You could also choose to take the simpler route and make a stamped necklace or serving platter. The necklace is my favorite! And as much as I love the wall covered in pennies I will never ever ever try it. That is way beyond my skill level! Which of these is your favorite? Have you tried any before?

Be the ‘change’ you want to see in the world and start with these crafts! ‘Penny for your thoughts’ on penny DIYs. Find out where that phrase came from here. It’s very interesting (promise!).

Here’s the link to all 19 DIY penny projects…

JustDIY: 19 Epic Crafts You Can Do With Pennies