Amazing tips that will leave you thinking “why didn’t I think of that”?


I have had so many moments in my life when I would discover a product or something else that made me think why didn’t I think of that. I’m sure we all have. I especially think it when I come across a tip that saves me time. I think about all the time that I have wasted over the years doing it the other way. Let’s talk about a few of these! Did you know that you can create your own hanger for a picture or piece of art that doesn’t come with one? A small screw and a pop top from a can of soda does the job perfectly! I recently learned that there are certain veggies that you can regrow, and never have to buy again. Just place the root ends into water and they will regenerate forever! I have lettuces, and green onions in my window as we speak! Have you ever been painting a room, and accidentally got paint on a dresser, or a toilet? Use the Glad press and seal wrap to protect things! Genius! You know that moment when you are trying to figure out which cord to unplug on a power strip? You’re trying to follow with your eyes from the plug all the way to what it’s attached to, finally pulling from the source. It’s so frustrating! Fix that problem with plastic bread tabs. Place them on the cord after writing which gadget it belongs to on it. Imagine how much time that will save! Quit fearing glitter! After crafting, glitter can spread throughout the entire house! Stop the madness by adding a lint roller to your craft basket!