How to Clear a Stuffy or Runny Nose In Less Than a Minute


A blocked or runny nose is no fun, not breathing properly can be a very painful and annoying experience. There is no need for over the counter nasal spray; you can relive it at home in just one minute!

When dealing with congestion of stuffy nose most of the time people grab for the over the counter stuff to deal with the problem. Why would you use pharmaceuticals that have chemicals and nasty side effects when you could naturally help your stuffy nose without side effects?

Acupressure is the better approach we have done articles on acupressure before, because they are very effective ways to alleviate pain and headaches, but as it turns out they work wonders for relieving your stuffy nose.

You take your fingertips to a part of your body and apply slight pressure. Use circular motions while pushing and releasing a type of rotation. Do it three times a day.

Pressure Point 1:

The earlobe. Gently massage your earlobe ten times.

Pressure point 2:

Behind your earlobe, at the bottom of your ear, just below the cartilage. Push and release ten times, without applying pressure directly onto the cartilage. The rotation should not be wide but very subtle.

Pressure Point 3:

Between your eyes, in the location just above the bridge of the nose, right between your eyebrows. Tap the point applying slight pressure for one minute. It helps the mucus to secrete properly, preventing the sinuses from drying up and becoming inflamed.

Pressure point 4:

Under the cheeks, located directly beneath the pupil of the eye. You will need to press in and upwards. This is one of my favorites, it seems to shift the entire face and leads to a pressure release from all of the sinuses.

Pressure Point 5:

The cavity at the corner of the nostrils, it is the bottom part of your nostrils. Gently push the nostrils together using a rotating movement. Do this movement ten times.