How to Make a Swedish Log Candle


Looking for an exciting outdoor party facility? Or a way to entertain your guests and still provide with the appropriate food offer? The next DIY trick we’re about to show you will prove there is a method of having a camp fire, both easy to ignite (and control) as well as lasting a long time. Behold the Swedish Log Candle, a perfect answer to the question above and more!Besides the fact it can create a warm ambience during outdoor parties, it also doubles as a stable platform in case you want to cook something. Handling a chainsaw is required for the DIY project to succeed, but other than that, you are in the clear. Grab your log and cut it into 8 equal-size triangles. To make sure you’ve done it as you should, check out the tutorial and follow the instructions there. Your next outdoor event is going to impress a lot of folks with this Swedish Log Candle.

source: survivaltek