Cleaning Tips To Help You Work Smarter Not Harder


We have all heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” Nowhere does that apply better than when cleaning. Getting the grime out of the tub is horrible no matter how you spin it. Cleaning your stove tops is another hated chore! I am always searching for tips and hacks to ease the pain of cleaning and this roundup from World Inside Pictures looks like a winner! I’m excited to feature these 16 tips for making your house cleaner and your back less broken from all that scrubbing.

I never clean the over. Ever. I hate having to leave the house because of the noxious fumes and I hate all that scrubbing. The burners do get cleaned during spring cleaning (maybe). The glass? Ha! I might check these tips out. After the holidays my oven could use some tender loving care. My pillows could use some freshening too. We had a lot of company this year! This tips from Listotic are pretty amazing too.