DIY Colored Pencil Ring


Using things differently is becoming more and more popular nowadays. I am always amazed by the creative minds and skillful hands that can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. Here’s a perfect example. Have you ever seen jewelries that are made from colored pencils? They turn out to be very unique and pretty. Peter Brown is such a creative genius. He glued a bunch of colored pencils and made a lovely wooden ring!

The whole process seems quite amazing. He started by gluing the pencils together. Then he drilled a hole with the size of his finger and cut off the ring piece from the pencil bunch. Using some wood processing tools, he started sanding and polishing around the ring to make it smooth. Finally he applied a coat of lacquer to the ring to give it a nice and glossy look.


This colored pencil ring is truly a piece of art, so colorful and eye-catching. It would be great for an art-themed birthday party, or back-to-school weekend event. If you are interested in making this spectacular piece of jewelry, Peter Brown has come up with a nice video showing you all the steps…

source: Peter Brown