DIY Pinecone Fairy Ornament


Taking the beauty from outside and managing to transform it in a way that improves the decor of your home is something only a DIY enthusiast can handle in a successful manner. The pinecone fairy ornament falls right into this category. If you are willing to experiment with new things in the crafting area, taking a pine cone from a Fir tree and transforming it to such extent that it will look more like a fairy ornament than a piece of Nature is just the challenge you need. In the process you will also need an Oak acorn cap as well as Oak leaves (dried), some strands of felt and wool, a pipe cleaner, wool roving and wood beads to fashion the head and hands of the sought fairy character ornament. As for tools, you will need glue, a drill or some sort to make a hole in the cap and steady hands. Follow the instructions shown by Willodel and use the images as guidelines, they will prove helpful. Have some nice holidays!

Pinecone Fairy & Elf  Tutorial – Willodel