From Crusty Van To Cozy Home On Wheels


Do you ever want to just pack it all up and get away? I’m so jealous of those brave and fearless people that for the sake of an adventure can cut all ties and hit the road. My friends Paul and Fiona (and kiddos) recently sold their business and two cars, rented out their home, put everything they owned in storage, and bought a one way ticket to France for a three year adventure. So brave! Another brave soul is Vandog Traveller.

In October of 2013 he quit his job to travel Europe. There was only one problem. He didn’t care for any motor homes or campers that were on the market. If you’re going to travel the continent you need a cozy place that feels like home! It only took him five months to make his dream ‘house.’ I don’t know if me and mine will ever have the opportunity to get away from it all but I know we can do it in style after seeing cozy campers like this. Huffington Post has an article about people who gave it all up and started over in a new place. What an interesting read!