Handmade Christmas Ornament


The Christmas tree isn’t looking as great as you hoped it would? If the ornaments you bought from the shop or off the internet aren’t exactly what you’ve been searching for, then make your own right at home. With a few basic folding and cutting skills you are able to fashion a beautiful flower ornament like the one in the picture. You just need:

• some silver glitter paper;
• a pair of scissors;
• two-sided tape;
• stapler;
• beads;
• hot glue gun;

Start by cutting the paper into strips and then the strips into trapeze shapes. Place a couple of squares of the double-sided tape on the back of each, in the way you see in the photos. Fold them into one-ended cones so the bands of tape are facing each other. Staple them at the open end to make sure they won’t dismantle while on the tree. Take a circle of paper as the centerpiece and glue each of the arms of the star (7 will do just fine) onto that piece. Add a silver bead for the decoration in the middle and make a whole (with a perforator) in one of the arms in order to hang it properly, with thread or a hook, in the Christmas tree. You can experience with any pattern by cutting or covering the surface of the silver glitter with one sided tape. Have a Merry handmade Christmas!


Source: www.hobby.blesk.cz