Every Bedroom Should Have These Clever Products


Are you a lazy person? I think all of us have lazy days where we don’t want to do anything. I had one of those days yesterday and it was wonderful. We watched a few movies, ate some popcorn, did some porch sitting, and went on a walk (*that is doing something but barely since it was only to the park to sit and then come back). Buzzfeed has a roundup of the best products that will help you perfect your laziness, at least in the bedroom. We all need a lazy day once in a while…at least have one in style.

These 29 products are the best! All I want to do right now is go shopping. OMG! The bedphones are the coolest thing and I would use them every night. My husband definitely needs the anti snore pillow. He might respond to that better than me shoving him. #12 would be a fun kids gift, #22 would be a great gift for myself, and #13 would make anyone happy! (Especially college kids!) Which of these is your favorite? I have #29 but quite a few of these are going on the Christmas list. Lol.

WikiHow has an article with some tips on how to stop being lazy. Things that I’m not lazy at: eating, drinking, watching TV, and sleeping. Everything else I need a bit of help with.