Entitled Brat Steals Two Spots — BIG Mistake With What She Returned To

There is no shortage of parking spots in any given Walmart parking lot, even on a busy day. So, when one entitled princess decided to treat herself to two spots, up close and convenient to the store, she didn’t realize the big mistake she made until she returned to her car in shock at what she saw.

Trying to avoid the cold and patches of snow in the parking lot, the driver of a silver hatchback in Portland, Maine helped herself to two spots right up by the front doors. It didn’t seem to matter that they were inconveniencing other people who may have wanted the same coveted parking lot location for the reason she did, or that one spot would have been sufficient enough for the small car.

It was more important to give herself ample room for her ride, which was used against her with what another shopper did with the extra space around her. Since she wasn’t concerned with anyone else but her entitled self, she also didn’t notice who saw what she did until she came back out from the store to leave.

Another shopper watched her take the two spots and was irritated by the rude move and taught her a lesson with what else they found in the parking lot. All of the unnecessary space around the small car provided the perfect opportunity to surround the double-parked hatchback with tightly stacked shopping carts.

Entitled Brat Steals Two Spots — BIG Mistake With What She Returned To

Before leaving the scene satisfied, the mystery shopper took a picture of the perfect revenge and posted it online. The photo went viral for a couple of reason — one of which was unexpected. Although we can all relate to the irritation of someone double-parking and most people saw it that way, some over sympathetic people online decided the shopping cart person was in the wrong for assuming the parking job was intentional.

No damage was done to this silver car other than perhaps the person responsible looking like a fool and having to work to get the car out of its trap and leave the lot. It was a creative way of getting even and sending a message that you can’t just take what you want because you feel entitled to it and think there’s no recourse.

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