Viewers Become Concerned About Melania Trump After Noticing Something In Super Bowl Pic (Photo)

Photos from a Super Bowl party saw the return of the viral #FreeMelania hashtag on Twitter, when some users pointed out that first lady Melania Trump looked “miserable” in the photos.

Users tweeted their concern with “#FreeMelania” and “#SaveMelania” hashtags and jokes on the social media service, the Mirror reports. The hashtags had originally been popularized after photos of Melania looking uncomfortable at President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January went viral online.

The Trumps hosted a party for the Super Bowl at the family’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Photos from the event emerged that showed the president sitting beside his wife.

“#FreeMelania,” said the user. “She looks miserable at this #SuperBowl party!”

Others suggested Melania was deep in thought. “Melania knows,” said another user. “#TrumpRegrets.”

Other users said that the gathering looked like “the most boring Super Bowl party ever,” suggesting that the first lady was bored.

The president is reported to have left the party early after being upset about the team that he supported, the New England Patriots, losing to the Atlanta Falcons in the game’s first half. He reportedly missed the Patriots’ comeback win.

“Melania’s face though! Probably the First Lady to never actually WANT to move into the White House,” said another user, reports the Daily Star. The first lady has been living in Trump Tower in Manhattan while the couple’s son, Barron, finishes his school year.

The #FreeMelania hashtag initially began trending after photos of the first lady speaking with her husband and looking unhappy at the inauguration went viral online.

“OMG what did he say to her?” asked one social media user at the time. “RUN MELANIA!!”

Sources: Mirror, Daily Star (2) / Photo credit: DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos/Wikimedia Commons, Reuters via Mirror, Vadim Schick/Twitter