While Driving With His Family, He Spots THIS And Slams On His Brakes. On Closer Inspection? WHOA!

When this dad was on his way home from work, he found himself in a predicament. He saw seven baby ducks waddling into the road to get to their momma, who was found dead in the middle of the road. His wife was a bit confused when she received his text saying “I’m brining home seven baby ducks! Hop online and figure out how we keep them alive.”

After pulling a momentous U-turn, he came to his first major challenge, which was trying to shoo them off the road. His traffic directing instincts jumped into high gear, as he followed them closely behind and ushered them to the side of the road where they huddled by a garage attached to a house on the side of the road.

His next major challenge was finding something to move the babies into, keeping them all huddled together. With the assistance of a golf course employee down the street, he was able to retrieve a box. He then took the seven babies on their first car ride, where his wife and daughter’s were anxiously awaiting their arrival. They went right to work making a home for their new companions, filling a storage bin up with a cozy towel for them to cuddle in, building the warmth that they needed.

Much to their surprise, they discovered that baby ducks jump, which brought on another challenge. While the dad searched for a solution to prevent the ducks from jumping out and escaping, his daughters joined forces and held tennis racquets above the box. The ducks were confined and protected. The next mission was to clear a corner space in the garage, where an official home would be made for the babies. After piecing together a baby gate and a thick piece of wood, the baby ducks had walls for their new home, supported and held upright by heavy paint cans. Next was the addition of the heat lamp, which gave the babies the warmth they needed to survive. The team of duck rescuers hung a light above the homemade habitat, giving them just enough heat to stay warm and comfortable. Soon enough they were enjoying their very own duck hotel.

Next, they went to work on the interior design of the duck hotel. They lined bowls of water for the ducks to hydrate themselves with after the long stressful day. After drinking the water, the ducks enjoyed a dip in the bowls immersing themselves in little cool pools. A neighbor offered a helping hand and ran out to a local pet store for food. In the meantime, they lined a corner of the duck home with a shallow tray, allowing for easy access to the duck kibble. They seemed to take to their new home, splashing in the water, nibbling on treats and snuggling together.

It was a stressful night. The human family tossed and turned, ridden with concern over the ducks making it through the night in their new makeshift home.