Melania FIGHTS BACK: Plans ‘Special’ Surprise For Liberal Haters You’ll Love

Melania Trump is tired of the barrage of liberal haters attacking her and her young son. So, some really bad news just got leaked for those celebrities and political hacks who thought she was an easy target. Melania’s fed up, and she is no wilting woman. She is a momma tiger who has a very special surprise for those liberal idiots — and you’re going to love it.

The first lady has so far remained silent amid a torrent of social media attacks on herself as well as her and President Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron. However, that’s only temporary because Melania is fighting back, and that momma tiger will be unleashed.

Page Six is reporting that Melania Trump has engaged her lawyer Michael Cohen and a team of advisers in developing a surprise for those liberal nutjobs who are attacking her and 10-year-old Barron. It’s a plan to shut them down, and as with anything the Trump family does, these idiots aren’t going to know what hit them.

Liberal loser Chelsea Handler said in a video interview with Variety that Melania “can barely speak English,” then followed up with the tweet, “Blink if you need help @MELANIATRUMP.” Page Six reports, “Now President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is firing back on Melania’s behalf,” adding that Cohen said, “Shame on Chelsea Handler for attacking our first lady in such a despicable manner.”

“White House insiders say that the first lady is close to finalizing her team to manage these attacks. Sources close to the administration exclusively tell Page Six former Vogue staffer and Met Ball organizer Stephanie Winston Wolkoff — is being tapped as Melania’s chief strategist.” [via Page Six]

Saturday Night Live’s suspended writer Katie Rich found out the hard way not to mess with the Trumps after she made a horrendous statement about Barron. It looks like Melania, who has never sought the limelight during the last 18 months of the campaign and election, has reached her tipping point.

Who could blame her? It’s one thing to attack the president and even his grown kids, who are public figures and campaigned on their dad’s behalf, but Melania and especially Barron have stayed out of the fray.

The specifics of the plan will remain secret, but it’s no stretch to imagine that if it’s a liberal celebrity like Handler, it will be easy pickings to demolish her on social media. These counter attacks won’t come from Melania herself; she will remain above it all. However, you’ll see social media kill shots aimed at those who think it’s funny to pick on the first lady and her young son.

Like all good mothers, Melania Trump will do whatever it takes to protect her son, and with the resources she has at her fingertips, taking her on will be like going to nuclear war. Those losers like Chelsea Handler will find themselves annihilated.