Young Woman Returns To The Place Where She Almost Died And Finds A Powerful Symbol Of Hope

Everyone has moments where they’re challenged, and sometimes the situation can be so serious, we start to question if we can make it through.

This is where faith can come into play. The belief that you will get through even the toughest of times can give you the strength to overcome. Even if you’re not religious, a belief in something bigger than yourself brings peace of mind.

Erika Wright had a frightening experience one night when she was in a terrible car wreck…but even in the middle of it all, she saw something amazing that ensured her it would all be okay.

On October 5, 2015, Erika Wright was out partying with friends. She was the designated driver for the evening, and made sure she was sober before she left to drop her friends off.


Once she was done with all of her stops, Erika headed home alone. She was just five minutes away from her destination when suddenly a powerful torrent of rainwater swept her car off the road and stranded her upright in an embankment. 


Erika managed to climb out through her sunroof but was left clinging onto a tree. She stayed there for four hours until the fire department and other emergency responders could reach her. After the incident, Erika headed back to the scene with a news crew, but she couldn’t believe her eyes when she got there.


When Erika arrived at the scene of her crash, she came upon some of the leftover wreckage of her vehicle. 


Inside her car, hanging from the rearview mirror was a symbol of hope that Erika will never forget: a golden cross that she had received as a gift years earlier. This was proof to her that a higher power not only exists, but that it intervened to help her survive the ordeal.

Whether or not you’re a person of faith, there’s no denying that Erika’s story is something special.

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