DIY Vintage Candle Holder


Creating a beautiful candle holder seems like a nice craft project for a weekend. You can gather your best friends and have some fun while making a cute decoration for your homes. You can make this nice vintage candle holder in less than an hour and you are going to need the following supplies: a medium sized jar, canvas thread, small flower decorations, glue and a candle. Make sure your jar is clean and doesn’t have any labels on it. Apply the canvas, by gluing it to the jar. It will look best if you have two different colors of canvas. After that you can start decorating the jar the way you like, but keep it as vintage-looking as possible. Place the candle inside and place your new candle holder on a table or on your shelf. Now, the entire ambient in your room will take you back in time. Pin it!

DIY Vintage Candle Holder – Tutorial