7 Life Hacks To Help You Save Money


It’s all about the Benjamins baby. Holding onto them that is. It would be grand if money grew on trees but unfortunately it doesn’t in my neck of the woods. I never want to be accused of being cheap but I also don’t want to be throwing my money around like a crazy person. I can’t afford the rockstar lifestyle! Lol. I can always use more money saving tips like these ones from Household Hacker. Which is your favorite?

Pinching pennies has never been so simple! These seven tips are fun and easy. The vacuum seal to keep food fresh is really cool. I’m dubious but curious to try the battery/screw hack. Does it work? I already use the LED lights and I can swear by them. Start saving money people!

The Family Handyman has 10 other tips that I’m sure you will love. Super helpful and super thrifty!