DIY Chandelier Planter Tutorial


This next project has a very summerish feel and it will bring a beautiful new perspective in your home. Chandeliers are an essential piece of decoration in every home and their beauty is also paired with utility. If you want to have a really unique piece of decoration for your porch or yard, you can create a chandelier planter. For this you will need: chandelier, terra cotta pots, spray paint (for outdoor), waterproof glue, epoxy putty, plants and an S hook. Start by removing every electrical wiring from the chandelier and also the plastic candles from it. Then attach the pots to the chandelier by alternatively using epoxy potty and glue to help them stay in place. Take you chandelier planter outside and spray paint it the color of your choice. We recommend painting the planter outside, so you don’t inhale the paint and it will also dry faster outdoor. Now comes the fun part: plant the flowers in each pot, water them and hang the planter some place where it is visible by everyone who comes over. Your friends and family will surely ask you a lot of questions about your beautiful chandelier planter, so feel free to share this tutorial with them too.


Chandelier Planter Tutorial – Instructions – DIY Showoff