DIY Cat Bed From a Computer Monitor


Do you have an old computer monitor and it’s no longer of use to you? Instead of throwing it out to the garbage, how would you feel about transforming it into something really cool? If you have a cat and want to surprise it with a new cozy sleeping place, you can transform your old monitor into a cat crib. Every cat owner knows how much kittens like to spend time on laptops and monitors, so why not make them a fun gift like this very high-tech monitor bed. This DIY project is an easy one and to make it you will need: an old computer monitor, newspapers, fabric, thread and paint. The most important part when preparing for this project is to properly discharge your monitor before starting, so you and your little friend won’t get hurt. Once you discharged the monitor, you can start personalizing it for your cat. Remove the screen and paint the outside to give it a new look. Place a newspaper inside, and then add some fluffy pillows or fabric to keep your cat warm and cozy. No one will ever notice this used to be a computer monitor and your cat will love its new and comfy sleeping place. You can even attach a mouse to one corner of the monitor, using thread and create a small toy for your kitten. So adorable!


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