Crochet Flower Blanket


This article is for all our readers that love crochet projects. It is not a simple and easy to do one, but judging by the end results it is one that is worth trying to make. Exceptional for babies and anyone who would get this as a gift would be extremely happy to own it. Sometimes when you want to offer someone a gift it is not about how much it did cost, it is about how much heart you have put in making it, or how special it is. Anyone would appreciate a handcrafted item like this especially if they have a baby. For a girl you can use colors as pink, red, yellow and if you want to gift this for a boy, you can easily change them to blue, green and everything from that range of colors. The size of this blanket depends only on you and how long you want to make it. Besides making this as a blanket, consider that you can also make a special tablecloth only by changing the crochet thread, use thinner ones and make your home a joyful place! You can find the pattern for this project here: