Creative Ways to Hide The Eyesores Around Your Home


For many of us, it is important to make our home look organized and neat. But there are certain things that we need for our home but are not necessarily appealing, such as tangled cords, ugly wall vent, dirty laundry, thermostat boxes and so on. They get in the way of our beautiful home decors. There are many creative ways to hide some of those common everyday eyesores in your home and even make wonderful decoration for your home. Let’s check out these brilliant ideas!

Instead of putting your charging stations on the desk or coutertop, hide them in a drawer. (via houzz)


Cover up bathroom sink pipes with plants. (via Time Out New York)


Make a DIY radiator cover to cover up the radiator. (via Chez Larsson)


Add a toe kick drawer to store pet food bowls. When not in use. just push the drawer inside. (via Charter House Interiors)


Cover up your alarm box or thermostat with a canvas on hinges. (via Bliss Bloom Blog)


Cover up ugly wall vent with a repurposed door mat. You can spray paint it with your favorite color. (via Debbie Doo’s)


Hide your wireless router in fancy storage boxes. (via Sweet Sanity Designs)


Hide laundry hampers in extra deep drawers. (via Meg and the Martin Men)


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