15 Bunk Beds That Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again


Ah, the bunk bed, a rite of passage for so many kids around the world, and these amazing bunk beds will make you wish you were a kid again. Gone are the days of only having two bunk beds choices. We got to choose between metal or wood. These days the possibilities are in list! You can find so many varieties at the store, and even more DIY bunkbed projects online! My kids are always begging for cool bunk beds, and now I can finally deliver! When I was little, it seems like bunk beds were more of a boy thing, but now just as many girls have them. My daughter has some in her room and she loves them! The first example in this article features bunk beds painted the prettiest teal color. Very feminine and gorgeous! Bunk beds also have been updated and do not have to be turned the same way! Have one going one way and one going together and you have a cool room for any kid! I would have never come out of my room if it had featured double bunk beds, built into the wall, with the slide in the middle to get down! Can you imagine how fun that would be? For the kid who should have been born in the 70s, how about the amazing VW bus complete with luggage and surfboard! Amazing! Tall ceilings give you another option for a bedding situation, two on the floor, and two in the loft! Plenty of room for your kids and guests! Compartment beds are the new version of bunk beds, and save plenty of room to play because they’re built into the wall! These amazing but that ideas will make you wish you were a kid again! Hook your kids up and live vicariously through them with these awesome beds.