Creative Muffin Tin Tricks


Who has a muffin tin? Not a muffin top (I have one of those too) but a muffin tin? Most have one collecting dust in a cabinet somewhere. I can’t recall the last time I used mine…I am more of a cake or bread girl. This roundup from Diply is going to send you running to find yours. I’m really excited to feature it here today. You will love all 17 hacks!

Whether you need to dye or boil eggs, transport drinks, or organize trinkets these tips are wonderful and cover just about everything! #7 will go perfect with some delicious homemade ice cream and #8 looks just as delectable. Yum! The car drink carrier is my fav! It will help keep my car nice-ish.

Muffin tins aren’t just for crafting. BHG has some delicious recipes you can make in muffin tins too!