Creative Easter Table Ideas

DIY Easter

The most festive days in any calendar always end up with family and friends gathering around a goodtable. Easter is not an exception and a good decoration in this day is extremely important. Eggs, chocolates and flowers are perfect materials and easy to find so, inspireyourself with these incredible and creative ideas and make your Easter table unforgettable.

Eggs Shells Filled With Chocolate Candies

What can be more happy and delicious than a table like this? This idea is simple, easy to do and cheap! Just some egg shells clean and dry filled with colorful candies of your choice! To keep the eggs upright you can use some small round Velcro pads.


Eggs Shells Filled With Flowers

This is a romantic and spring inspired Easter table decoration that is very simple to create. Paint someegg shells in beautiful colors of your choice and fill them with small flower bouquets! You can place the eggs in egg holders, candle holders or even in their original box! Simple and natural!


Eggs In Handmade Nests

Perfect in any Easter decoration, eggs and nests are one of the most used symbols during Easter. You can buy some handmade nests in craft shops or do your owns using some natural fibers and some patience.  Fill the nests with colorful decorated eggs. Boil the eggs and paint them in beautiful colors. You can use chicken eggs or even quail eggs for smaller nests!


Eggs In Glass Jars

If you want a big single centerpiece for your table you can fill a big glass jar or another glass piece of your choice with colored eggs!  Choose the colors that will fit best with the decoration, boil the eggs and die them. You can also use flowers to give a nice complement for your centerpiece.


Egg Trees

Really common during the Easter time, egg trees are simple and cheap decoration not only for the tablebut for any space in the house. Use a big dry branch to hang beautiful decorated eggs! In this case, the best option instead of real eggs is the ones made of plastic or Styrofoam, since they are lighter and easier to hang! You can place you egg tree in long vases or jars! Amazing!