5 Very Easy Napkin Folding Ideas

Napkin Ideas

It is not necessary to be anexpert in origami to make a fabric napkin special on a dinner. If you are always throwing parties and need some different ideas to decorate your table but at same time it is not so skillful with your hands, don´t worry! Have a look at these incredibly simple napkin folding ideas we selected for you and impress your guests!

Bow Napkin Fold

Cute and very feminine this idea is perfect and simple! You only need to fold your napkin in a rectangularshape and then use something to tie it in the middle. It can be a ribbon, elastic or even a napkin ring!


Roll Napkin Fold

Maybe the easiest one, this idea is nothing more than a simple roll decorated with a beautiful ribbon or napkin ring. You can also place a branch of flowers or herb together to give a more delicate look to it!


Silverware Pocket Fold

You can transform the napkin in a gentle pocket to place the silverware! It is only fold the bottom part of the napkin up about  1/3 and both lateral edges to back. Then you use the pocket as a holder for the fork, knife and spoon!


Gift Box Napkin Folder

This idea is perfect for any occasions! Fold the napkin in a square shape and use a big ribbon to decorate it as a gift box! You can also place the menu under the ribbon or a beautiful flowerbouquet on top! Use your creativity!


Fan Napkin Folder

Create a different and unique look for your table with this idea! Use your napkin to create a beautiful fan and impress your guests! Place your napkin on a flat surface and start doing an accordion back and forth. Once you finished place a ribbon or a napkin ring letting 1/3 of the napkin down.  Gently spread the 2/3 up with your hands until you have a fan shape.