Police Are Now Warning If You Turn This Light Off It’s An Invitation To Be Robbed

As sad as it is, women have always tended to be the targets of crimes such as theft, rape and kidnapping. And now in today’s world more than ever, crime is at its highest. Woman have several options for arming themselves with weapons and carrying around lethal poisonous sprays. They can take self-defense classes and brush up on skills that make them appear more alert and strong but they can never be too prepared for a criminal to approach. Crimes against women even happen in broad daylight, simmering the feeling of safety at a rapid speed.

The good news is that police officers have some great tips to share that will keep you safe. Some of these tips are things that you would never think about, but they will ensure your safety. When it comes to crime, it has to do with what you are doing and what you’re not doing. The difference could keep you from being a target of crime.

 1.It’s common for ladies to rest their purses in the front part of a grocery cart, but this is a big no no. The easy accessibility to the purse makes you a guarantee target for a criminal looking to snatch and grab. Your purse holds your world-license with your address, credit cards and cell phone. Instead of placing the purse out in the open, keep your it strapped in front of you and always keep your keys in your free hand, so you are prepared to take off. Keep distracting cell phones in the purse. Having a cell in your hand could lead to you missing a criminal approaching.

2. Park near the cart rack in the parking lot. The high activity of customers taking and returning carts, deters criminals from approaching.

3. Lower your side view mirrors so they are facing the ground. When you enter your garage, make sure to move your mirrors so they can capture a criminal sneaking in just as the garages is closing.

4. Always keep the door that connects your garage and your house locked.

5. Keep your outside lights on at night. Criminals love to lurk around in the dark.

 6. Windows should always be locked and blinds should be closed. Criminals have a good eye and they can tell from one glance if a window is unlocked. And open blinds alert them to the fact that you are or are not home.

7. Change the pattern of your light system. Criminals will watch your house night after night in order to determine which light goes off last. They obviously know that the last light off is the light in your bedroom. Try to change up the pattern. You may have to creep around in the dark, for a moment but it will keep you safer in the long run.

8. When opening your front door, be sure to keep a safe distance away, so that the criminal cannot knock you out with the door frame. The door knob is also level with a females pelvis and this could disable your stance in a matter of seconds.