40 DIY Fire Pit Ideas


Even though fire pits don’t have to be intricate structures (and they actually aren’t), the level of design people resort to when it comes to DIY fire pits is spectacular. From simple round or square shaped pits to multi-level stone designs, the collection we offer you for guidance will prove useful when you’re in lack of fresh and unique ideas. Don’t confine your imagination to the range mentioned above. The fire pit can even come in the shape of a small flower pot, like you can see from the photo. Metal is also used, not just stone, and the decorating additions can really put some personality into a fire pit. Do you think 38 ideas are enough for you to get your creativity up and running? Grab some inspiration from the awesome collection we provide you with and good luck building your own DIY fire pit. Your outdoor events will have a new and improved ambience from now on.

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