White Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries


One~ You’ll cut your stencils apart. The stencils are kind of like a sticker. You’ll remove it from the paper backing before you use it.
Two~ Get your glass paint paint & dauber ready.
Three~ Place your stencil onto your jar. Smooth it out & make sure it is laying completely flat.  Then you’ll take your dauber & dab a little paint over the entire stencil. While the paint is still wet remove the stencil. So easy & just beautiful!

Next I frosted my mason jars with salt. Who knew salt could make something look so pretty!? You’ll put a coat of Mod Podge on your jar.  Then sprinkle the salt onto your jar. Shake off any excess. I used regular table salt on the jar and then around the rim I used the coarser Kosher salt. Tip: I made these about a week ago, & the salt does become a little more opaque as it is exposed to the air.  So if you are making these for an event or holiday dinner don’t make them too far ahead of time for best results.