20 Amazing Office Gadgets That’ll Make Work Suck Less


Nobody likes being stuck in the office, but you can make your workday easier with these cool office gadgets. I love anything that makes life easier! I think we all do! These cool office gadgets will make you the empty of your workplace! Everyone will be stopping by your cubicle wanting to borrow all your neat stuff! Bring a little bit of the outdoors inside since you can’t see sunlight for eight hours a day! This Birch iPhone charger can make you think you’re in the forest, if only for a second! Pair it with a wooden keyboard and you just might make it until 5 o’clock! Need some greenery? This “plant” is actually pens that look like long grass! Don’t you hate having to remove all those staples before you shred documents? Avoid that forever with the staple-less stapler! It uses a tiny strip of paper to thread the pages together! I don’t know about you, but if I have a cup of coffee on my desk, I will inevitably knock it over when I go to reach for something. If you have this problem, or just don’t have enough room to clutter up your desk with a cup of coffee, think about this clip on coffee cup holder! It attaches to the edge of your best and keep your coffee close at hand! I love it! These are definitely some cool office gadgets everyone will want! If you worried that you’re not getting enough exercise while sitting in the office all day long, invest in this amazing desk chair that doubles as an exercise ball! Keep your core engaged all day while you work! How fantastic! If your boss keeps the office way too cold, invest in this amazing personal fireplace that sits right on your desk! And you won’t have to worry about leaving your warm cocoon for lunch with this desktop fridge! Also keep extra drinks in it and you’ll save money at the vending machines too! These are some really cool gadget that can help your workday more pleasant! We have to go to work, why not make it as good as we can!