How To Open A PadLock With Two Nut Wrenches


Padlocks are very useful for preventing theft, vandalism, harm and so on. People use them to lock drawers, closets, backyard doors, sheds, chain up bicycles and so on. But if you ever lose your keys and cannot find them anywhere, what can you do?

It turns out some padlocks are not as sturdy as they look. In fact, you can use some simple tools such as a wrench to open a padlock. The following video from MrGear shows how to open a padlock with two nut wrenches. You might be surprised how easy it is to open a padlock. But not every type of padlock can be opened in this way. This video also conveys an important message that we need to choose the right types of locks, the ones that are safe, high quality and are made of metals.

(source: MrGear)

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