20 Adorable Ways You Can Upcycle Household Items For Your Kids


Having kids means two things. You create an unimaginable amount of random things than you ever have before. And you need more random things that you don’t actually have on hand. Anything for a child can be super expensive, not wonderfully made and disposable. You can save some money by using the things you have around the house and creating something practical. You might need to purchase a few small things but nothing too crazy. An article on Diply will show you 20 ideas to make something awesome from things you already have.
If you have an old dresser lying around, you can create it into a super adorable storage bench for your kids toys that are scattered througout the house.
Have an old crib that the kids have outgrown. Turn it into a play house for the kids complete with their favorite colors. You may even be able to turn it into a cute castle.
Do your kids love arts and crafts? Especially finger painting? If they do, this is perfect for you. Take an old spice rack and create an awesome paint caddy.
Make a fun sandbox from an old tire. You’re going to need a big tire perhaps from an old tractor. Put an umbrella in to keep the sun out and your kids will be content all summer long.