This Woman Tears Apart Her Dresser And Rebuilds It Into Something Awesome


This really is a brilliant idea. I love my kitty but not his litter box. How could I?! Gross. Litter is a nightmare. Even when clean, it goes everywhere! And let’s face it, cat boxes aren’t that pretty to look at. This DIY, featured at Little Things, takes care of both those problems.

So what is this wonderful DIY? It is a fashionable piece of furniture that doubles as a useful way to hide your cat boxes. Win! The cat food can even be stored in the extra drawers. Double win! An old dresser has never been so useful. Dressers like this are so cheap on Craigslist right now. There’s enough for all! It’s still important to clean out your cat’s litter box to keep the smell down but this will help keep the mess down and add to your overall decor. I’m not sure where I could fit this, but I’ll find a way to make it work!

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