DIY Wall Art From Old CDs


Nowadays, CDs and DVDs are gradually replaced with flash drives, portable hard drives and other more advanced storage technology. But I am sure every one of us should still have some CDs or DVDs lying around and taking up our space. You may be reluctant to throw those outdated CDs because they might contain lots of your memories. Luckily there are many creative ways to recycle and repurpose your old CDs. With creativity, you can even turn them into beautiful home decors.

Here is a perfect example. When you look at the above image, can you believe that it’s an CD? Instructables user  shares this awesome DIY project to make stunning wall art from old CDs. It’s simple to do. All you need is an old CD, a dark color of acrylic paint, a paintbrush, pencil and a screw driver. The results look stunningly beautiful and you can put them up to decorate your wall. The best part of it? You can create your own designs on the CDs! It’s such a beautiful and wonderful way to recycle all those old CDs!


Please visit Instructables for the full instructions. Here’s the link…

CD Art Tutorial

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