17 Amazing Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Your Old CDs


Back when I was a young teenager, we made the switch from cassette tapes to CDs. It was an amazing innovation. It was a much easier way to keep up with all the hit tunes. I think my allowance every week went to buy the latest hit album on CD. Then came the fantastic pastime of being able to burn music onto a CD, customizing it with any mix of songs of your choosing. We all know what came next, the MP3. While people still used CDs for years to listen to MP3s, the invention of MP3 players put that to an end. And I’m sure I’m not the only one that has transferred my entire music library onto an iPod or other MP3 device. What that means for me, is about 400 CDs that I have imported onto my computer and don’t really have a use for anymore. Obviously, I can’t bring myself to throw them out because I spent good money on them. My head doesn’t care that the music is still there in some form. So I went searching for ways to use these old CDs in another way. I was not disappointed, I found so many of the projects to do with the old CDs that my kids are just going to love! Let’s start with an easy one, coasters made out of CDs. Simply cover the CD with a pretty fabric and you have a place to put your drink! You don’t need very many items to do this craft, and the result is beautiful and useful. There are several lighting ideas that use old CDs. A cool touch for any home. Use a broken cd to embellish a collar. And there are several holiday crafts you can make as well. See all the fantastic ways you could use old CDs.