How To Crochet A Peacock Motif – Free Pattern


Peacocks are beautiful and their stunning feathers are simply impressive! If you like to cuddle and stay warm on cold evenings, this next project should be on your to do list. It is a crochet blanket with a peacock feather motif that will look great in your room. Grab your crochet needles, purple, green and blue yarn and start knitting this beautiful blanket. This is such a unique and colorful DIY project that once done it will instantly change the look of your home. Not to mention the warmth it will bring you on a cold evening. To learn more about how to crochet this peacock blanket, please visit the following link. Don’t forget to share this idea with anyone who loves to crochet and is in a constant search of new and exciting patterns.

Peacock Motif Crochet Pattern Download