12 Fun And Creative Things You Can Do With Empty Plastic Soda Bottles.


Most of us generate at least a couple of empty plastic bottles a week. Hopefully, most of us are recycling those bottles when we are finished with them. It doesn’t hurt to keep some on hand, though. Believe it or not, there are many neat projects you can do with them. Upcycling has become a pretty popular concept. It’s so amazing to be able to take something and make it into something else, or use it for a different purpose. Empty plastic bottles actually have a lot of potential for other things. For example, if you dip the bottom of an empty plastic bottle into paint, it makes pretty flowers when put to paper. The example shown in the article is lovely! Have you been wanting a foot stool but just haven’t found one you liked? Save several two liter bottles, add cushioning and whichever fabric you choose and customize your own! Nobody will ever know it isn’t store bought! Create cute planters by cutting off the bottoms of empty plastic bottles and making faces on them with their lid and googly eyes! My kids have an herb garden done this way. Or use them as covers over small terra cotta pots to create a greenhouse effect. All you need to do is place a few holes to let the air move. So cute! If you really want to be ambitious, save up enough to build a greenhouse with them! I absolutely love that idea! This week, we will be making bird feeders with all of our empty plastic bottles! Keep this article and the next time you finish off a bottle of soda. There are so many neat ways to use them again!