Shopper Finds Receipt, Sees Something Unexpected (Photo)

A shopper was stunned to discover that a food stamp recipient had a huge balance available for grocery purchases.

The shopper reportedly found a receipt on the ground that had been dropped by the EBT recipient, and immediately noticed the $40 bill for food. Right below the purchase amount, however, was a line for EBT food balance that read $5,583.42.

The balance meant that the shopper was able to spend up to a total of almost $5,600. None of the money comes out of the recipient’s pocket, however — just the taxpayer pocket.

Welfare balances have been known to be shockingly high, with some reaching $10,000.

“When you first told me about it, I was surprised. I’ve been involved with this for years and I had no idea why they would have balances of those size,” Joele Potts, of the Ohio Job and Family Services Directors Association, told WBNS. Most people, however, tend not to abuse their balances.

 “What we found in general is these are people being extremely frugal,” Potts said.

According to the WBNS report, how much families receive in benefits depends on an eligibility formula.

 Sources: Mad World NewsWBNS / Photo credit: Mad World News