See That Black Diamond On The Tape Measure? Here’s The Useful Way It Can Help Everyone

Most of us use tape measure for the inches and centimeters – but there are other markings that we often look right past, and they can actually tell us a lot! YouTuber Tom Hintz is here to explain what they mean and take the mystery out of tape measures altogether!


Usually these black diamonds are between the 16 and 24 inch marks. This handy You-Tuber gives the demonstration of why this is so useful and time saving to keep the project maker from having to do math in their head, but to quickly have a visual to make their project go much quicker.


By using the black diamond appropriately, you’ll be able to hang frames, decorations and other items from the wall without being concerned there won’t be enough support! Thanks to Hintz, your home projects just got much easier! Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of the black diamond markings!